The Out & About Experience

Out & About has been about meeting new people, experiencing new location, and trying new activities. From ice skating (thanks Edward and Pierre), to sailing (thanks Gabe), to outdoor sculpture (thanks John) to classical music (thanks John), it would be impossible to list all the places we have been to, and the people we have met.

We have all met someone we enjoy in the group, but also influenced people we crossed path with, who may not have been used to see so many gay men at once!

The Out & About Future

We are not saying good by to Out & About totally, we just feel we have outgrown the Meetup platform. We want to take the time to think about the best way to offer you outings, to tailor trips, to connect people, to communicate. And we can't stand the idea that the calendar would be empty (don't you hate those meetups where nothing happens, we have a reputation to keep here).

We prefer to close out the meetup while we reinvent it; we are not giving it up, and therefore not offering anyone to pick it up (we like the name). Consider it a "renovation" due to a merger.

Atelier mile away

atelier mile away is our new venture on which website you are reading this article right now. Atelier mile away is about connecting people with what is a mile away (ie 2-3h) from NYC. It does not have a "gay" touch in particular, but if you register on the In Touch list under Out & About, we will make sure to tailor some content just for you.

Atelier mile away is about connecting, discovering, experiencing. We are starting by writing Travel Mementos to the Hudson Valley and the Castkills, one theme at a time; expect to learn more about Modern art, Food, Outdoors.

Buy one or ask us to create a bespoke one for the next trip with your sweetheart (the holidays are around the corner).

Trips & Outings

We still have trips & outings in our plan down the road, and we want to tailor some just for you, members of Out & About. We don't want to lose track of how it all started, and Out & About will always have a special corner within Atelier mile away.

Stay in touch

It's all about staying in touch, so the name may be different, but the man behind it is the same. Pick your favorite social media or join our In Touch Mailing List, to not miss anything.

A few great memories