Journey: explore history through the Roosevelt family


One of the most prominent and influential family in American politics, the Roosevelts span several decades, bi-partisan party lines, and various estates in the north east. Their legacy is strong embedded in New York city, the latest tribute being Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt island. 

Dutch immigrants

The family time in the US dates back to the late 1600's, when New York was still a dutch colony known as Nieuw Amsterdam. After owning land in mid-town Manhattan, a branch established on Long Island in Oyster bay, while another went up the river to Hyde Park.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president, was from the Oyster bay where his residence, Sagamore hill is located. His presidential life started in the deep of the Adirondacks while he was hiking to Mount Marcy. His life took him all over the world. His long lasting heritage goes from creating the National Park system to establishing some of the collections of the Museum of Natural history.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor was Theodore's niece, however her youth was mainly at her grand mother's estate in Tivoli, on the Hudson River, the seat of the prominent Livingston's family she was part of. Even though the longest standing First lady, Eleanor is even more known for her tough stand on many topics, and her deep involvement in the creation of the United Nations and the definition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Franklin D Roosevelt

Franklin, the 32nd president, is from the Hyde Park Roosevelts. His vacation took him to Campobello Island, in New Brunswick, where he contracted polio, but his heart was where his mother Sara was, Springwood in Hyde park, now his presidential library. The estate includes as well Top Cottage, and Val Kill, his and hers escape places that Franklin and Eleanor kept as a very efficient power couple.


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