Journey: explore Art through the Hudson river school of painting

What does 1825 and 2015 have in common? 90 years after being first discovered by New Yorkers, the Catskills represent again the new frontier.

Hudson River School of Painting

Heralded as the first American school of painting, the Hudson River School embodies the discovery of great landscape, the connection between human and nature, the founding strength of the United States.


Thomas Cole was the first one to be "discovered" when he followed the tourists discovering the Catskills and rendered it on a canvas. Starting a movement, he settled at Cedar Grove in Kingston, NY where his studio and house are still standing. Across the river, his student, Frederic Church, built not only a unique estate, Olana, capturing a unique view from the top of a hill, but he also molded his estate to enhance his view of nature, and became a shrewd business man. Many followed their path, picturing landscape from the wild west to the most remote icebergs.


The Hudson River School inspiration is at your fingertip, or should we say your hiking shoe tips, and little has changed. From the location of the first resort, the Catskill Mountain house, and its dominating view of the valley, to the impressive view of Kaaterskill falls, short hikes and walks offer to discover what inspired those painters, and give you unique instagram moments with little sweat involved.


Painters were not the only to be inspired and connection to nature inspired writers, from Washington Irving to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Take their steps, visit where they lived to be inspired and pick up those books that started many legends.


The thread to your journey is the majestic Hudson River, and just a train trip from Grand Central station to Hudson NY is enough to help you disconnect. From the changing of colors in the fall to the ice in winter, and other seasons, the river will never stop to surprise you.


The only art trip that takes you for the hush corridors of the Metropolitan museum to the muddy steps of a hike.


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