Join the Indie Magazines Revolution

The fall is about the leaves changing colors, the temperature getting cooler, and new magazines. End of summer is also the annual gathering of independent magazine makers in Hamburg, Germany, Indiecon 2015, ending with #IndieMagDay. 

Those makers are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and make something on their own. When Ibrahim Nehme of The Outpost declares "Indie is a blueprint of the world you want to live in – made with no budget", you know it's about Freedom and "the topic is more important than the money you earn from it" (Chris Köver - Missy Magazine). For once it's about "A unique point of view, without thinking about the target audience" (Mads Pankow - Die Epilog); not surprising then that Tristan Rodgers felt inspired to create one for redheads (less than 2% of Germany, the country of publication), MC1R.

At atelier mile away we do feel inspired by those Indie magazines, and we picked a few we like. The selection was hard as we wanted to talk about Kinfolk (slow living - check out their Family issue), Gather (food, actually food porn) or Sated (more food). Our absolute favorite is Artisan; despite being only an app, it brings the experience to the next level - try it.

Tell us which one if your favorite, make us discover more.

Cover photo credit: @ryanfitzgibbon @hellomr

Alpine Moderne


We are more mountain than beach, so of course Alpine Modern Magazine appeals to us. This quarterly not only explores elevated living, architecture and design in mountain regions around the world but it touts natural minimalism and refined life in the outdoors through print and online store. Of course it's free of advertising. Each issue is like a coffee book that makes you dream of faraway destinations, simple and remote.

Hello Mr.


The appeal of its magazine is the storytelling. From it's launch in March 2013, the magazine has created a strong community because it talks to what unites people, what starts new conversation, around interests, values and aspirations. 

Ryan Fitzgibbon has a definite esthetic that he shares graciously to create much anticipation. He redefines magazine as an art.

The magazine may be for men who date men, but it's not about boys or men, it's about Misters. The pages exude authenticity, and connection through narration of meaningful experiences.

Lucky Peach


Lucky Peach is already at its sixteenth issue but it hasn't lost it's wittiness and irreverence. About food and writing, mixing art, photography, essays and recipes, the magazine makes fun of the most established food magazine, which name we won't mention. Very foodie, very in the know, very not taking itself seriously.

Bon Appétit!

Jarry Mag



May be we are extending credit a little too early as their first issue is just off the press, but there are some projects you really want to believe in. From a very successful Men + Food + Men Kickstarter campaign, to amazing Instagram account, we have been salivating in expectation.

The team has lined up amazing contributors to explore where food and gay culture interest. With this magazine, it's totally appropriate to talk about food porn.

Folk Magazine


"One Millennial's Journey to Discover the Modern Maker Movement Across the Globe", what is not to like in their motto? From Kentucky, Ben Ashby is true to his tenants, and share it with all; good food, good conversation, and living an authentic life.

Folk Magazine is like having a good friend introducing you to his friends, so you can all share an experience together. Add some millennial photographers and you get a unique point of view on life.