Carnet de Voyage

Photo credit: Elaine Cheng -  - @cheng.e (instagram)

Photo credit: Elaine Cheng - - @cheng.e (instagram)

Why is this section called Carnet de Voyage?

May be it's our love of drawing and water colors,

May be it's the idea of taking our time,

May be it's the interest to connect to what we discover at a deeper level,

We decided to call our musing (aka blog) "Carnet de Voyage" for all of the above.

What is a Carnet de Voyage anyway?

A Carnet de Voyage is more than a travel diary, journal or notebook. It's a mix medium art piece ... part a novel, part a drawing, but the result is not a graphic novel. It does not tell a full story, it captures a fleeing moment, and dig into the feelings.

The aficionados even have annual gatherings; in Clermont-Ferrand, the Rendez Vous du Carnet de Voyage, is organized by Il Faut Aller Voir, a non profit. Both names draw from the meaning of a Carnet de Voyage, it's to go some other place, and meet people.

You may be able to snap a picture, but your drawing requires people to accept you, to be comfortable with you. ENKI, the association who organizes the Festival Ici Ailleurs in Brest even uses the word "Journal" as an intimate journal, but on a very real level; a Carnet de Voyage defies reality, by exploring deep into it - it's a way to capture the spirit of the world, one word and one sketch at a time.

Some comic books drawers are expert at them and one can appreciate the 2012 Bastien Dubois Carnet de Voyage turned into a movie that was nominated for the Oscars. But don't feel scared by what you see, anyone can and should write their own Carnet de Voyage to capture their reality through words, drawings, or pictures. 

Time for you to try your own Carnet de Voyage

You will find your own medium to create your Carnet de voyage. Most people decide to take their time, to absorb the scenery and use drawings or water colors to share their emotions. The sketch is really not about looking perfect, it's about capturing the moment.

Much easier may be to take pictures, but who takes the time to get them printed and organized.

So your medium could be whatever you find and be more akin to scrapbooking - isn't the entrance ticket opening more than the doors to the museum, it's reopening your memories. How much to write, what to write? Your feelings will be your inspiration, and will mix with the medium you have picked. We would love for you to share your results, so we can enjoy them on our inspiration board

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Thank you to Michelle from Seaweed Kisses, the Journal Diary for the great inspirations.