Always say yes

Even if the experience sucks, you should try.

Condé Nast Traveler’s editors went on camera and shared their #travelmotto: “go early and go often,” “try anything twice,” “go for it,” but our favorite one is “always say yes.”. The risk you take will always be rewarded by something. We are not suggesting you to jump from a cliff without a parachute but may be it's time to check those things on your bucket list, take a small step to a great experience, see what you are made of!

It's not that hard to say yes!

At atelier mile away, we are all in favor of saying YES, and we are here to help you.

Take Weekend plans. They always start with a question from your friend on Wednesday (unless they are really bored at work and ask you on Monday ... but most likely it's because they have a great plan on their own): What are you doing this weekend? Your mind goes to the chores you have (who does not!), and if you have already planned a brunch with someone. Often enough, you will realize you have nothing planned.

Nothing planned sounds like a big word, almost a curse or a bad word. It's like a mountain you wish you could move, but you don't know where to start.

At atelier mile away we always start by how far we want to go ... are we in the mood to discover a new neighborhood in town, or we want to feel on vacation by even staying overnight somewhere? Start small, then go bigger, then mix it up ... next thing you know, you are staying at Great Camp Sagamore for the weekend, not afraid of the 5+ hour drive to get there.

You have established how far your mood is dreaming ... which has almost answered two other questions, how early, and for how long. Definitely if you are going to visit the Clark Art Institute, you will most likely leave early (as in early Saturday or even better, Friday night).

Next question, do you feel like driving or just public transportation? Options are endless either way, so it's more about how many people are coming, do you feel like a road trip, or just want to not worry about traffic. The same destination, take Hudson, NY for instance, can be discovered both ways ... by Amtrak, you will be right at the Basilica for a cool market, then up Warren street for best burger in town at Grazein'. by car rental, you will most likely by pass the downtown option (sad but true), to explore Olana and have a concert at the Fisher Center at Bard College.

We see you are packing and getting an atelier mile away Memento; sounds to us you have your weekend plans already. Who are you going with on this one? Got it ... none of our business.

What is your travel motto?

Why don't you start making a list of what you should say yes to? Take is easy on yourself, and start by something local like "Trying this new coffee place I pass every day" or be bold like "Hot balloon in the Hudson valley" (right there with parachute). It's not how big, or far, that matters ... just say Yes.

Enough about us, what is your #TravelMotto?