5 Reasons to use a guide Book

Photo credit: atelier mile away -  7h09 ,  While Away Guides ,  Monocle ,  Les Editions Be-Pôles  are registered brands.

Photo credit: atelier mile away - 7h09, While Away Guides, Monocle, Les Editions Be-Pôles are registered brands.

A guide book is like a best friend - it has 5 main qualities. 

  1. A Guide Book plays well with others
  2. A Guide Book makes your wonder
  3. A Guide Book makes you ready to connect
  4. A Guide Book is opinionated
  5. A Guide Book is forever yours

A Guide Book plays well with others

photo credit : atelier mile away

photo credit : atelier mile away

You always want your children to play well with others, and the (paper) Guide Book is the perfect child! We don't discriminate and we feel that all children are great ... when you prepare for a trip, you will access your digital information, the traveladvisor and yelp of this world, you will talk to your friends, using Facebook or Twitter, and then you will have guide books, on paper or digital.

The (paper) guide book is one of the tools you will use to enjoy your trip (would you use only the hammer in your toolbox? we did not think so). The guide book is a very organized helper, while the crowdsourced info is more akin to your ADD friend. The paper book is your plan A and your plan B, while the digital ones can be more of a dead end if your batteries is dying.

A Guide Book makes you wonder

photo credit : atelier mile away

photo credit : atelier mile away

Did you ever read about how Internet was supposed to open your eyes to the world by exposing you to so many new things? Twenty years later, Internet and what you are served are hooked liked addicts on the Google Algorithms. Once you research something, you will always get served something in the same vain (addicted already?). The internet is meant to know it all, a guide book is the opposite, it's meant to make you wonder.

A Guide Book is more of an inspiration, and that's the reason why ours are called Mementos. It's a way to say "don't miss that, but explore". We don't intent to give you all the details (you know how to rent a car, don't you?) and we know others will do it better (thank you GPS devices). So for us it's more having your mind wonder and pick. You can do additional search, write down what you like (we give you plenty of space for that), and then it's time for your discovery and your memories.

A Guide Book makes you ready to connect

photo credit : atelier mile away

photo credit : atelier mile away

No matter where you go, you can spot a tourist. Many things will point to the tourist, from the clothing, to the amazed look, to the slow motion of said tourist. One thing is the epitome of the tourist, the Guide Book. How many times have you seen a tourist with their "bible", a heavy book. Startups now shame you by telling you to drop the "bible" and to look at your smart phone screen, or even better put on the earplugs to discover the city.

Noticed a pattern here? What is supposed to "guide" you is actually taking up all your attention. In the process you are missing on what you can discover and connecting with people.

Our mementos (notice, we don't even call them guide books) and concise (no more than 20 pages) so most of the time you will put them away to investigate your surrounding. We do not intend to tell you everything about everything, to point to you the details of each building, to explain you which painting to appreciate and why. We leave that to you, the traveler (notice, we don't even consider you a tourist).

A Guide Book is opinionated

photo credit : atelier mile away

photo credit : atelier mile away

Wait a second, is opinionated a bad thing?

The internet is full of different opinions, and guide books as well ... the Guides Bleus will talk to the history hackers, the Rough It guides will be for the backpacker. In both ways, digital and printed options are full of many different opinions; on print it will called "opinionated" and "focused only on one market" while online it will be "a wealth of opinions". They answer different needs, and it's yours to find what fits you.

Crowd generated reviews (aka TripAdvisor) are great to have many opinions on one subject. You make the work to know which one is more like you but don't expect to follow this lead from one review to the other ... so many opinions, on so many things, how do you know this person is more like you? It's great though to create a statistical result (thanks reviews on Yelp) but that makes you average.

We feel you are unique.

The printed guide book is more like one opinion on many subjects. Once you feel a connection, then you know you can trust the next option that is offered. Some people consider it too opinionated, we consider is focused and curated.

A Guide Book is forever yours

photo credit : atelier mile away

photo credit : atelier mile away

A guide book is part of a journey, but it's not the journey itself; you will create the journey. The same way an online review is outdated as soon as it's written (staff change, issues get corrected), guide books can quickly be outdated. Your life change everyday, and you embrace it. A guide book is a companion to your journey. 50% of its use is to prepare for the trip, anticipating what you will see and plotting your route. 30% of its use is during the trip to remember where to go, and jolt down ideas, or collect souvenirs. 20% of its use is when you come back, to remind you of your journey and invite you to get on the next one.

So what are you waiting for, get a guide book already!