We are like a friend sharing some ideas with you while having a glass of wine (or is it a cup of cocoa in winter).



We are inspired by each community we are introducing you to. We select only what we would like to enjoy ourselves; small is beautiful, especially coming from the Big Apple. Our best reward it to tempt your to take some "me" time, to go on a date, to have a good time with a group of friends or the whole family.

We curate your discovery so you experience the quintessential pleasures - time . simplicity . connection . reality.

a mile away

We are passionate about discovering what is within a mile away from New York city, be a hike, a brilliant piece of nature, an amazing artisan, a talented maker, a small farm, a warm meal at a restaurant, a welcome place to stay, an historic house and more - let's get you in a car, on a train and just go. We want to share our passion with you, connect with great communities and experience amazing memories in the process.


We are based in New York; our mile away is the Catskills, the Hudson Valley, Long Island. As North as the Berkshires and the Adirondacks and as South as Delaware - we find places for a day trip, or a a whole journey for a few days; we don't forget that even in New York we have long weekends and now we offer you a reason to enjoy them.

with a story

We tell stories to curate each experience; we inspire you to blaze your own path, in and around the city that never sleeps (but you do). We are always on the look out for you for a new coffee shop you only dreamt of, a cute little place in the Hudson Valley, a unique hike in the Catskills with an amazing view (but not too much sweating).


Nobody pays to be in our selection, it's our strength. We recommend because we like it; we try things as much as we can or at least we keep our eyes and ears open. It gives us a very opinionated style, and tough love to our selection. We keep it real.

We need to pay the bills and can do so by you buying directly from us (a guide, an experience, ...). We prefer to offer a good product with trusted partners, than to advertise.

t's all about a good journey, a mile away.

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