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Atelier mile away is the friend who organizes your getaway, and introduces you to his friends. The thread behind our journeys creates an authentic experience as you connect the dots. You create memories by enjoying great food, meaningful conversation, experiencing the outdoor, the art and culture.

We are inspired by the makers we meet, the people we connect with, the views we experience. Read more about what we stand for ...

We are creating our first trips and writing amazing Travel mementos to tell you the stories of each destination.

what will be the thread to your next journey?

There are many ways to unravel the secrets of the Hudson Valley and beyond. You decide on the story, we design the experiential journey. 

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1. When you're exploring a new place a mile away

2. Creating great simple memories with friends, family or by yourself

3. Taking your time to discover an artisan, a maker and supporting them

4. Discovering a place we introduced you to

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